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International songs and rhymes to bring the world closer to home and to increase children’s awareness of our multi-cultural world. Song introductions give a short insight into each country. Songs and rhymes from France, China, Africa, Italy, Scotland (Gaelic), England, Ireland, Israel, America and India.

SKCD22 Around the World £13.99

Fun, informative and catchy songs to broaden horizons

22 autumnal tunes and rhymes to make the scariest and most wonderful traditions lots of fun.
The material is organised into three themes - Hallowe’en, Fireworks and Autumn and Nature. Building bonfires, singing skeletons, falling leaves and hibernating hedgehogs are all part of autumn.

SKCD32 Rattle & Shake

A big collection of songs and rhymes on themes for the autumn term

26 catchy and hilarious songs and rhymes about food and fitness.
On "Munch and Crunch" Sticky Kids songs offer another delicious ingredient: a tasty message about healthy eating! The kids will be asking for more, more, more…. Yummy! This is active learning.

SKCD30 Munch & Crunch

Encouraging healthy eating with active and singalong songs

Around The World Rattle & Shake Munch & Crunch Around The World Rattle & Shake Munch & Crunch

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16 songs to explore feelings, self-esteem, bullying, going for goals and other themes for personal and social development.
SKCD28 Fabby Dabby Dee

Engaging children emotionally through music and movement

Fabby Dabby Dee Fabby Dabby Dee

This tried and tested singalong CD is a must for the festive season.
SKCD31 Christmas Party  

Make your December days sparkle and your Christmas party go with a BANG!

Christmas Party Christmas Party

Go for a trip on Busby Red or try joining in the actions for Mine's A Cornet Please!
SKCD21  In the Car  

A selection of 17 songs, rhymes and stories relating to travel and transport.  


Bend with the letter B, or Tip the Teapot with the letter T.

26 great songs and rhymes to help children learn the letters of the alphabet


A compilation CD at very low cost

Ideal gift for young children - for end-of-term, for Christmas, or just as a special reward.

There's a special label on the reverse side for you to personalise each one. SKCD17 Three Cheers  £2.99

Gift CDs

Another ideal gift for young children

A collection of 6 action songs from our range of 4 fitness CDs.

There's a special label on the reverse side for you to personalise each one. SKCD17 Ready Steady Go  £2.99

Gift CDs

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